Atlas in Motion - push thru (Official Lyric Video)

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Atlas in Motion - push thru (Official Lyric Video) by Aminium Music
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Atlas in Motion


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Atlas in Motion - push thru (Lyrics)

i think we lost the magic
everything's static now
we'll say we know what happened
but really we never had it

fabricate, now i'm not trying to front
just tryna be up front about the things i want
cause i've been back for a couple of months
i'm already not sure if this is something i love

i push through
in time i'll get it right where i want to
cause it could haunt you
but i dont let it get to me no more
i keep it 85 and i push through
won't let it get under my skin
what's said ain't done so i just
push through and through and through
and through and through and through

i think we got distracted
lost ourselves in the haptics, now
do you think of me in past tense?
won't you throw me some lines so i can read between them

cause when you'd say the words
you act like it would save the world
something invisible enters and you fall apart
stop in your tracks, so what we lost the magic? still i
i push through
in time i'll get you right where i want you
i had to tell you
i took a chance, fell flat on my
and now i gotta push through
keep on keeping on, i know i'll get through to you
so i push through and through and through
and through and through and through

i push through
i push through

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